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Shippers Name:

and Address:

Consignees Name:

and Address:

Notify Party:

Swift to prepare an Export Clearance? Yes No

If "yes", please provide a copy of the commercial invoices.

Customer Client Number: 
Duty Drawback required: Yes No
Arrange Marine Transit Insurance: Yes No


The Shipper certifies that the shipment does /does not (check as necessary) contain dangerous goods as defined in the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code. If the shipment or any part of it contains such goods, then such goods must be fully described and must be packaged in accordance with the regulations covering the shipment of dangerous goods by sea. The Shipper must provide all necessary documentation with these instructions. 
Dangerous goods permit required - Yes , No .
Port of loading
Port of destination
Country of origin


Terms and conditions:
Ex Works , FOB , CIF , DDU , DDP
 Letter of Credit:
No , Yes , If yes number =
Attach L.C.Document
FOB Charges:  Prepaid  , Collect
Freight: Prepaid  , Collect
Destination Charges :  Prepaid  , Collect
Have we previously Quoted?
No , Yes , Date:


The Company to arrange pickup: Yes ,  No
If Yes From:

Contact name: 
Shipment Dimensions:
Special Instructions (if any, e.g. Refer, specific requirements for below deck stowage, etc. ):

Original bill of lading to:

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